About Writers’ Retreats



The provision of a supported environment in peaceful and beautiful locations allows writers the freedom to explore creatively the craft, structure and narrative of
their writing and develop
their individual voice.



Whether or not writers want to pursue publication, this retreat can provide either the first step into a committed writing practice or a final push to completion. At all times the focus is on individual development, led by an experienced, published writer and facilitator.



The retreat offers a creative space for a concentrated daily writing practice, suggested writing tasks and one-to-one consultations, plus group opportunities to share and discuss writing development.

Whether the focus is on memoir, fiction or non-fiction writing, poetry or prose, this retreat
provides an opportunity to create the time and space to concentrate on writing. Prior to the retreat,
each participant will be invited to submit a piece of writing, along with an outline of individual aims for the week.

At heart, write always for yourself, not for family and friends, for admired teachers, for reviewers or publishers; but make sure you write from your real self, not that one besotted by vainglorious dreams of a future self. One day you will realise that the true rewards of writing lie inalienably in the writing self.
John Fowles