Write Every Day

Daily practice to kickstart your creative writing

Writing is a wonderful way to explore personal creativity, and whatever writing you want to do a daily practice will enhance your skill and confidence. Fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose, remove yourself from your comfort zone and explore a unique path to finding your own individual voice with the help of this book.

Write Every Day encourages beginners and established writers alike to stretch their metaphorical wings through a daily writing practice, exploring different aspects, styles and genres through creative prompts and exercises. Twelve explicit sections range across voice, narrative, plot, structure, point of view, characterisation, dialogue, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose and memoir to help writers focus and develop their own writing.

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And what is this writing, anyway, as a human activity or as a vocation, or as a profession, or as a hack job, or perhaps even as an art, and why do so many people feel compelled to do it?
Margaret Atwood.